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August 31, 2012
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A slight rant on looking at Capcom’s reboot in a new, more positive way.


Two years. It has been two years since the first time DmC was announced and still progress has been slow. I’m not talking about the developers; in fact they have been working their arses off to release trailers, interviews and demos for the public. No, I’m talking about the supposed ‘fans’ of the series that have nothing better to do than hate on what I believe to be a perfectly good game.  Sure, there has been a lot of change to what was once known as a cheesy, style-filled, eastern designed franchise, to now being a more contemporary and modern take by a western company, but a change might have been needed.


if you managed to make it this far through this entry without pressing the back button, you’ll read about some of the more updated issues ‘fans’ seem to be having, as well as different perspectives on said problems. Sometimes taking a second look at something may help some realize (those who can still be saved) that maybe they’d be willing to give this game a look. Also, those amazing DmC supporters who are brave enough to battle trolls across the internet, might find some good material to go against their opponents if you so happen to be in a battle of words.


The more obvious issues I will not get into, since most might know about these already. (*cough cough* hair *cough cough*) No, I will not bore you with such old and ridiculous problems.  It seems that even the more recent trailers (Gamescom 2012) have spawned new hatred for the reboot.


 The one that particularly stumped me was that ‘DmC looks like twilight.’ Huh? I pondered this for a while and still couldn’t really fathom how this could be so. Twilight is a romance story that turns into a love triangle between a vampire, a human, and a werewolf. DmC, though not yet released is about a young demon/angel hybrid who has been branded as a terrorist by the demons who rule Limbo city from a parallel universe and he fights to protect humanity and avenge the death of his parents. Correct me if I’m wrong, but those don’t exactly fall in the same category. Then I thought about it a little more. They surely couldn’t be referring to the gamescom trailer where Dante argues with Vergil about saving the supposedly captured Kat. You can clearly tell that Vergil has no affections for Kat and sees her more as a pawn to be used and disposed of. Dante, being someone who can relate with humanity, sees it more as justice, as outlined in the line ‘”Kat went through hell to protect us” which makes Dante seem that he must repay her by not abandoning her because it is the right thing to do. A quality of most heroes I might add. No sparkly vampires here….

a line I always see in the comments that just gets my blood boiling is that people feel they lost ‘the human connection between them and Dante because he is no longer of mortal blood.’ looking back at previous DmCs I wouldn’t exactly believe that to be true, because he never seemed human in the first place. Everything about classic Dante appeared to be almost too demon. From the way he swung his weapons effortlessly, putting almost no strength into fights, even to the way he spoke which was so unbelievable and cheesy that you’d think he shot straight out of an anime (a really old one.) Now don’t get me wrong, I love classic Dante, but to think that I actually have some sort of connection with him is far-fetched. New Dante on the other hand has almost all the qualities of a typical teenager in this day and age, the irony being he is no longer of a human mother.  If you’ve watched trailers or demos (which I highly recommend before reading this) almost every hit new Dante does shows signs of effort, and he really is putting his all in to each swing, even the grunts and screams he sometimes does in combos makes it much more believable. I don’t know about you, but if I was demon killer hated by all, tortured since a young age and parentless, I’d swear a whole f*****g lot too. I find it really hilarious when fans say they don’t like new Dante because he swears, but when you scroll through their comments you see like 10 different swear words used to even insult new Dante. They don’t even realize the hypocrisy they are producing.


Continuing on that notion, what I can relate to this new Dante lies with his motives. In a new demo you can watch on Capcom unity titled ‘Overturn’ there is a short cut scene where Dante is in Limbo on his way to a boss fight when he sees many enslaved souls suffering . He stops and says “Those bastards, hang in there.” and the emotion written all over his face during those short 5 seconds was so strong I got a tingle in my stomach. New Dante has so much love for humanity that he’d willingly risk his life to protect them. Perhaps this stems from his deep hatred for demons who tortured him throughout his life and he sees it as unfair for them to be picking on humans, but this honestly makes him much more likable as a character. Classic Dante, though technically human, mainly only fought for himself. He killed demons for money, pizza, and strawberry sundaes. Not saying that’s all he did, but if pay was not involved, it was most likely he wouldn’t do it.

Going back to Vergil, fans are quite put off by the fact that he seems “weaker and nicer.” unfortunately not all people read into things deeply and only see the surface. Vergil is a complex character, we all know that, and Ninja theory isn’t that stupid that they’d drastically change Vergil’s personality to point where he is the good guy. This is just speculating, but I feel that Vergil will definitely betray Dante, become power hungry and probably become the reboot’s main antagonist (possibly in a sequel.) but even in the trailer, you can tell Vergil doesn’t exactly mean everything he says and is manipulating Dante into helping him. A rift is going to form between them, but unlike DMC3 which was the origin story for that series, the twins will meet under friendly terms which I find intriguing. What is cool is that we will get to see that rift between them form.


DmC girls have always been important to the series, but most fans see Kat as “undesirable” even calling her “weak and useless” well, if you look at the past girls in the series, many of them didn’t serve a purpose either. Sure Lady fought some demons off in cut scenes in DMC3, but she just caused Dante more trouble than anything. Same with Trish, she basically sold him out to Mundus in DMC1, felt bad about it, then caused him more trouble when he had to save her, and didn’t appear again till DMC4 as Gloria. Don’t even get me started on Lucia, but most previous DMC fans have to agree with me on that. If anyone has played Ninja Theory’s previous title Enslaved, you know they are not the type to make useless female characters. Kat has the ability to spray portals back into the real world for Dante when he gets dragged in, as well as the ability to manipulate certain parts of the environment with an unnamed sphere shaped tool she uses. You also need to follow her in order to get to the next location. Never has a DMC female character been so useful outside of cut scenes.  Kat also seems realistic, in the sense that she has a deeper back story than many of the previous characters (besides lady) that I’m sure will be expanded on through the course of the game. Kat’s beauty in my eyes seems to be more subtle. She doesn’t wear much revealing clothing like Trish and Lady (come on their knockers were popping out of those things!) because she’s not meant to be just eye candy.  I, being a girl, Don’t find that to be a big deal, but men might be a little put off. But in a video game it is nice to have a character that can actually do something besides standing there and looking pretty…

Many comments people have is they “Can’t wait for a REAL Dmc to come out and not this emo shit” (their words not mine) well good luck with that. The original DmC had come to a point where they didn’t know what the hell they were doing anymore. The story was all over the place, so many plot holes were never filled and never could be filled even if they decided to create a new game. The order in which the story went was definitely out of whack (3, 1, 4, 2 the anime and manga somewhere in between) and left people heavily confused if they didn’t play previous installments or in the chronological order. It didn’t help that they introduced Nero in DMC4 without ever explaining his relations to Dante.  Plus, the main boss was basically already killed off in the first game, and it seemed all Capcom cared about was making money on the franchise. Also, Dante has become old, and though still pretty epic, it was time to retire him. New gaming generations have formed and they need to build a steady fanbase that can enjoy their own version of DmC that reflects the world around them today. Many of the original gamers are probably in their 30’s now or late twenties, and the market does go to the 16-18 range. Emo is probably the worst word to use in describing new Dante. Most of these people probably never seen emos in their life, and me actually knowing some emos know that they are way different than new Dante. If anything he is punk. Emos generally are angsty, appear emotionless, dress in a lot of dark colors, tend to cut themselves and suicide (not all of them) and have their hair covering their face. I didn’t know that being a badass, rough, rebellious teenage demon killer meant emo nowadays.

I can tell this rant has gone on too long already, so I will continue this in a part two, where I will add my theories on reasons why the developers might have chosen to go a particular route, as well as addressing other issues fans seem to have.

 No, i do not care if i get heat for doing this, since it is my opinion and really it only serves the purpose of helping others see the game in a diffrent light and not believing all the things some trolls may say. i thank you for time and if this changed even one person's opinion then i'd be happy.


i have included some links to different trailers and demos if you didn't exactly get the chance to view them:

Gamescom 2012 trailer

overturn demo

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1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, you are right. that is a fat rant.
now block me, call me troll or start cursing my family, that is what "supporters" did until now (or rage quit and offending me to others internet user).

but ok. let's start the counter argument.

you bash the original series? then how can you love so much the new one? from something so bad there could not be something good.

the old one was "anime like"? BS, since "anime stereotypes" are based on human stereotype and actually the "punk who do not care" is a Japanese stereotype more than a western stereotype.

what you maybe want to refer is that the original game had a more light story and direction, but that only define them as works, not of a supposed quality.
so the original Dante was like Deadpool or Spiderman.

I do not really see it as a bad thing, since videogames are not the smartest media out there, and mostly they offer mindless fun.
there are exceptions, but they are mostly japanese games (shadow of the Colossus and the original Silent Hill trilogy, and to a lesser extent Siren )

also you claim that the story was impossible to continue and the games was always more bad. funny. the guy who ruined DMC with DMC2 and 4 is actually the guy who Wanted the REBOOT. so yeah. is IS ruining the story, but you are supposed to lick his ass.

but lets talk about the reboot in his own turf.

it is like Twilight. not for the synopsis of the opera, but because EVERYTHING HAPPENS AROUND THE CHARACTER, opposed of good stories where the character interact with a story around him.

for example, the bad guys know Dante since always, he is the most important enemy of Mundus, he is the key to win the war, he is the most righteous character in the world.
who the fuck he is Jesus Christ?

also the simple premise is terribly unoriginal: the evil empire enslave the population and our heroes fight, and then a FORESEEN SURPRISE!(that I will not spoil you just because I respect you as a person)

but maybe the gameplay is good? no. God of War 3 have a more complex fighting system, and it is not even comparable to the best in the category.
and for half the gameplay you jump on 2000-era-flavored platforms that was old already then.

the game is 6 hours long with 2hours of cutscenes and 2 hours circa of bad platforming, the rest is a mild action game with clunky controls.
the story is nothing. the cinematic are mediocre with many ridiculous clunky animation and bad direction.
graphically the game is rather obsolete, with few empty stuff on the level and poor polygons models, and bad textures at 30 fps?
the more annoying thing is that even is the levels are short there is a ridiculous amount of the same assets reused again and again. all windows are the same, many palaces are reused, many corridors, many "corruption rocks"(from Alice madness returns?) and there are only one or two animated stain of "corruption" that are reused continuously in the game.

and the only "real" innovation to the lore, is the reason why the "gameplay story" sucks.

the LIMBO.

first is not really an innovation since in DMC2 there was the "distorted dimension".

second. how do it work? why is like that? how the character can continue going on?
and these question are not even considerate to be answered by the game, that says us that is controlled by demons (but also not), separate demons from human kind (and this actually destroy the ending as NT showed, reversing the "win quote"), is controlled by something looking like a flat TV and for enter you can use squirrel semen.
the game at the start state trough Kat that if Dante shoot at her she would die, good but also bad, since implies that every time Dante shoot is hitting people in the real world? the Hunter, a terrible demon (not-so-terrible) is bullet proof, and Kat for plot-magic throw an out of nowhere magical Molotov cocktail that makes the Hunter vulnerable.
also in the same level they show us that there is some "transmission" between the limbo and the real world, with the Ferris Wheel rolling around(yep the same one that got destroyed in the CG before) but this is forgotten in all later missions. the city gets torn to pieces in the limbo, nothing happens in reality (except a church tower crumble for no reason since id was not destroyed in the limbo)same goes with all other levels, and it is too obvious in the order arrest level, where Dante cannot shoot the police...

let me spend two dime on the characters:

Dante: a boy with a origin story that contradicts itself.

Kat: a pair of tits that serve as Plot magic, but again the game contradicts himself.not a good female character, since she is an damsel in distress: the modern kind.

Mundus: a banker that do human stuff, and is said the "horrible big bad" even so if the protagonist actively attacked would had much more sense if Vergil exposed some kind of scandal ruining him in this settings...

Lilith: a bitch( she said that) and the only woman with some power and also a mother. and she is an enemy and the only character I felt something for.

Vergil: a geek/hipster/nazi posing as anonymous. uses guns. has no honor. has no reasons.

Bob Barbas: a childish parody of Fox news.

Poison: embarrassing moment of the gaming media.

Plot convenience demon: something that happend in the game once midway, and then gets forget the level after.

Sparda: plot asset, later forgot even if he is stated alive and trapped.

Eva: plot asset.

this is what the game is.

also as an end note.

opinion is something that regards you and you alone. you like it? good for you.

but an opinion is saying "I like it" not "it is good/it is better".
moonlightsonata97 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah That's a lot of text. i am not going to troll you like some of those unfortunate "supporters" out there who think they are doing good for the fan base, but i would like you to take into consideration that i wrote this months before the game came out while you are reviewing the end result. I realized my comments came off as bashing the original, but that was not my intention. The whole purpose was to shed some light on the better points of the game. Also, if you wanted to start your own counter argument, make your own journal entry, the topic of the "fan wars" and what not is so old now that this whole argument seems pointless. You like what you like and i like what i like, it's as simple as that. I appreciate you taking the time to find this and comment though. :)
1r0zz0 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I wrote many blogs about the reboot.

and frankly this is not "fan wars". Fan Wars are stuff like Half Life 2 and Doom 3 war, with a bunch of idiot praising one and bashing the other for no real reasons since they are both good. both have their good points, but idot fan ot the other tries to bash the other for "enchain" the old.

a "fan" that attack the old game when making the new one is rather idiotic. more so if the DEVELOPER attack the game (while making the same title) and attack the fanbase while doing the game they are supposed to make.

and frankly the "hair" was their scapegoat and their advertisement, with implying the problem of the game was an homosexual fetish of some "rabid fans" to the video-game character, while they are actually creating one.

I do not care much about the hair, since in Videogames the interaction with the game is what it is important and the main interaction with the game is the gameplay, and considering that the way we press the buttons (and the input interacts with the game) make the SOUL of the game, DMC must feel like a DMC and when I play this I think of a bad developed God of War.

also you maybe want to check again what opinions are:

my opinion is that the game is ugly, and the characters looks stupid.

the fact that the game have bad controls and a stupid story I am afraid is not an opinion.
moonlightsonata97 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
look who it is:) you seem like you are to type to have the last word, alright cool.
LadyXiahjunsu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you I've been saying for the longest. and you also opened my eyes as to why i was so confused about the Series in the first place. Personally i'd could care less if no likes the reboot, i just don't want to see DMC Series to die out.

moonlightsonata97 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi thank you so much for your comment i completely agree! btw i love jyj too! i actually met yoochun while i was in peru but Xiah is still my fave!
pokehearts Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
the main reason why i hate the new dante is the cursing
moonlightsonata97 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist old are you?
pokehearts Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012
moonlightsonata97 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well the swearing doesn't bother me and i'm younger than you. IDK i find it funny that he swears so much, plus he doesn't have any social skills and he is constantly being screwed over by people (which i'm pretty sure i made a point about) so yeah, it makes sense that he has a potty mouth. I know this wasn't Kamiya's original idea but this IS a re-imagining, just like the Dark Knight is a re-imagining of the batman series.
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